Hong Kong

Company Establishment Background

Digital Human International (A.I.) is incorporate in year-begin of 2024, founded by a team of industry elite professional, experienced business development veterans and serial entrepreneurs. 
Company is established with aims to provide  Unique Value Proposition, State-of-art AI Technology, Customized and Personalized Digital Human creation and broadcast services, pinpoint on tailor-made Industry-Specific Solutions.

Company Vision

Our vision is to create and deploy lifelike virtual characters or avatars that can interact with humans in a natural and realistic manner.

Human-like Simulations
•Our design through virtual beings to simulate human-like behavior, emotions, and communication skills, enabling them to engage with users in various industries and applications.

Virtual Beings Adoptions
•Our virtual beings can be utilized in customer service, entertainment, education, healthcare, virtual reality, and other domains where human-like interactions are essential.

Advanced Technologies Embracement
•Our digital human vision encompasses leveraging advanced technologies in artificial intelligence, natural language processing, computer vision, and animation technologies to develop highly sophisticated digital humans.

Personalized Virtual Characters
•Expanding the capabilities of virtual characters to include emotional intelligence, adaptability, and learning abilities …to provide personalized experiences and continuously improve their interactions.


Company Mission

We overcome the difficulties and promote the value of Digital Human industrial chain structure which composed of technology layer, platform layer and application layer:


Technical difficulties:
– Hardware: everything needed for virtual human presentation and interaction, such as display devices, chips, optics, sensors, etc.
– Software: modeling software and rendering engines during the production process, such as Unity 3D, Unreal Engine, etc.

Platform layer difficulties:
– Connect independent technologies such as modeling, motion capture and rendering.
– Combine and provide integrated virtual human solutions for the downstream application layer.
– Artificial intelligence, algorithms, and 5G networks.

Application layer difficulties:
– Currently, projected application includes customer service fields such as finance, cultural tourism, and retails.
– The further development requires the combination of artificial intelligence technology in each stages.